Our ARCSA Accredited Professional team designs, constructs and services rainwater harvesting systems to satisfy water consumption needs for industrial, commercial, and residential structures.

Rainwater harvesting in San Antonio, New Braunfels, and Austin Texas




We coordinate with you and or your builder to make sure that your system is on time and within budget. We have the equipment to take on projects of any size.



We calculate what you can catch annually and provide options based off those numbers. We then are able to custom design your rainwater harvesting system to satisfy your needs and goals.



We service and maintain all rainwater harvesting systems. This involves troubleshooting and equipment replacement to remodels. We can handle it all.

Why should we collect Rainwater?

We believe that rainwater harvesting systems are the future. Even though rainwater harvesting has been around for centuries. Global water consumption has risen quite substantially since 1900, and many parts of the world are reaching the limits on their supply. World population is increasing and according to Unesco It is predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

  • Rainwater Harvesting helps meet water supply and water management needs effectively while also addressing environment concerns.

  • It is mineral free, relatively clean and absolutely free source of water.

  • It can be used as a main source of water or as a backup source to wells and municipal water. It can also be helpful in case of fires.

  • Rainwater harvesting can allow you to have total control over your water supply.

  • It can be used as a good source for landscape irrigation because of its lack of chlorine and other treated chemicals as well as potable water

  • Reduces the frequency and intensity of flooding around house or property.

  • Since the use of the harvested water is located close to the collection source, this reduces the energy use required to move water around our cities.

  • Rainwater harvesting can reduce storm water pollution, lessening its impact on our local watersheds.

About the Owner


I worked in the water and waste water construction business for a large contractor in the public and private markets for 10 years prior to starting this business. I have a vast knowledge of how water facilities and treatment facilities work, which lends itself to rainwater harvesting. I Graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Technology.